Ellie speaks


I have expected my cats to live to a goodly age (around 19 years, in my mind), but Howling Mad takes the cake. He has been so active and vocal (yes, he really does howl all day!) that I forget how old he is. Last night I saw him drooling. This upset me. I know he’s old, in my head, but seeing such a visible sign made me sad. Honestly, I can’t believe he’s twenty-one. We (dear husband and I) often joke that he is alive only to make the dog miserable. I keep thinking he’s going to live another couple of years, but then I see him lay down gingerly (a touch of arthritis), or drool, and I wonder.


21 thoughts on “Ellie speaks

  1. I think he may outlive us all…maybe he is only on his “1st” life. If he’s already 21…and 8 more lives to go…he’ll be writing the blog! 😉 In dog years (7*21), he’s 147 years old. No wonder he pounces on the dog!

  2. you have right to feel blue, Ellie, sooner or later, we will all have to face that day – when our beloved leave us to start their new journeys !

    But when will that day comes ? who cares! All we can do now is to live every single day happily (as HMC has been doing for this 21 years ) be blue for a while, then be strong, Ellie (he will know that you are feeling blue ^ – ^ ) !

  3. Carpe diem! Live in the present, here and now! 21 & healthy is very exceptional for a cat… lucky you! 🙂

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