Angels among us

I am the God of Hellfire
I am the God of Hellfire

I’m no angel…. I’m a GOD!


13 thoughts on “Angels among us

  1. Hi, HMC, My name is Sundae, and I’m the girlcatfriend of Sammy (One Spoiled Cat). I’m visiting you because he told me he has a new blogging friend.
    Sometimes my Mommy lets me write a post on her blog, so feel free to stop in for a visit. (If you’d like, you can just click on the Sundae link: that will take you to my posts or the ones about me. The only really important ones!
    Nice to meet you –
    Purrs, Sundae

  2. We Purrime Ministerettes has law: it mandatory for hoomans to worship cats. We also gets worshipped. Them bettah! And we, in turn, worship Cat Almighty. Lord Cat, who art in Heaven, swallowed be all fishies in Thy name (Cat’s purrayer we does in church).

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