The ABC Award

A big thank you to Country Girl, City Bling, who was nominated for this award and nominated The Howling Mad Cat! Thank you! Now I have to share something about me using each letter of the alphabet:

A     Animals. I love animals!

B     Bare feet. The best way to travel.

C     Cats!

D     Dogs!

E     Editing. It’s what I do.

F     Flowers. One can never have too many flowers!

G     Gluten free. That’s what I am.

H     Here Comes the Sun (The Beatles) is one of my favorite songs.

I      Ice cream – yum yum!

J     Jasmine is such a beautiful flower/scent.

K     Knitting. One of my hobbies.

L     Lilacs smell so wonderful.

M     Music. Life is nothing without music.

N     Nerd, which is kinda what I am!

O     Olive oil. To dip bread in, or to cook with.

P     Piglet. He is so cute!

Q     Quotes. The funnier the better!

R     Red (the color)

S     Swimming. I love the water!

T     Tolkien. Enough said.

U     Upright. As in the kind of piano I have.

V     Violas (the flowers). Harbingers of Spring!

W     Warm–the kind of warmth that comes with Spring and Summer.

X     I’m copying Country Girl, City Bling here–X stands for hugs, and I love hugs!

Y     Yarn. You need it to knit! And there are so many wonderful varieties out there.

Z     Zzzzzz. A good night’s sleep is always good.

My nominees:


Dealing with the Dark

I know I’ve submitted the above-mentioned blogs for the Liebster Award, but they really are awesome new blogs.

The Peckish Kiwi

The Insane and The Impossible

LMS Creation

My Little Garden

Just upload the image to your website, use each letter of the alphabet to share something about you, and nominate a new fellow blogger! Have fun! Ellie


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