I want to go outside

HMC: Being an indoor cat is very frustrating. I get to sit in the window, or, if I’m lucky, my staff places a stool in front of the door so I might look outside. I make my desires known, but the staff just ignores me. Hmph.

Ellie: This is what HMC really sounds like:

Ellie Ellie Ellie Ellie Ellie
mom mom mom
mommy mommy mommy
momma momma momma
ma ma ma ma
mum mum mum mum
mommy mommy
momma momma momma momma

(Adapted from Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy, which airsĀ on Fox TV and Hulu)

Quote of the Day

Cats . . . are like four-legged poster children for OCD.

Carolina Knapp, The Merry Recluse (New York: Counterpoint, 2005)